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Paydirt will be announcing new raffle prizes in each print issue during the school year. Register once, and you'll be automatically entered in each drawing. No need to re-enter if you've already done so this year!


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Entrants must use a valid NMT student email address. Paydirt reserves the right to disqualify any entries made without a valid NMT student email address. Limit one prize per student per semester. Drawings for a prize will be held every Saturday that precedes a new issue. Paydirt will make every attempt to contact a winner before awarding a prize. However, the prize will be awarded to a different student if a winner cannot successfully be contacted within three days of the drawing. Prizes may vary in cash value, and winners may choose to reject a prize. If a winner rejects a prize, they will still be eligible to win a different prize during that semester. However, they will be placed back into the pool of general entrants with no guarantee of being drawn to win another prize. 

Paydirt will only use this contact information if you win. We will not share your contact information or spam you. For more information, see our Privacy Policy