Advertise with Paydirt

Paydirt is always looking for advertisers to help maintain our operation. We are primarily funded by student fees associated with the Student Government, but to continue to produce quality content, and to help further projects like the upcoming Paydirt Podcast and the Cards Against Humanity NMT expansion pack, we rely on the connections and advertisements of local businesses and organizations.

Every two weeks during the Fall and Spring semesters, we print 400 copies of Paydirt and distribute them to over twelve locations on campus. Select the ad size you're interested and get started today! 

Print Advertisements


Full Page Ad Example

Full Page

Full page advertisements are great for large events with large attendances, or for large competitions.

50 ยข per copy

$200.00 total


Half Page Ad Example

Half Page

Hal page advertisements are perfect for small businesses looking for promotion on NMT campus.

25 ยข per copy

$100.00 total


Quarter Page Ad Example

Quarter Page

Quarter page ads give you a lot of bang for your buck. Sizable, but affordable, this could be the perfect ad size for your business.

15 ยข per copy

$60.00 total


Banner Ad Example

Banner Ad

Banner ads draw attention without breaking the bank. Placed at the top or the bottom of the page, a banner ad is perfect for notifying people of small promotions or updates for your organization.

5 ยข per copy

$20.00 total


Community Events Calendar

The community events calendar gives students an overview of what's happening in Socorro for the next two weeks. Want your event included? Let us know!

5 ยข per copy

$20.00 total