Club Spotlight: Running Club

As far as exercise goes, there’s probably nothing less sexy than running. To most people, running doesn’t make it much past working out for another sport, and even then it’s something to get over with quickly. But to some, like the NMT Running Club, running is more than just a way to burn some calories and raise the heart rate. It’s a way to share difficult experiences, spend time with friends, and experience the beauty of New Mexico.

“Running is a great way to experience the state slogan, The Land of Enchantment.” said Luis Contreras, president of the club.

Perhaps the best part of the Running Club is the opportunity to travel around the state and become immersed in the landscape. But the running club doesn’t only get to experience the Enchantment surrounding Socorro: club funding also gets members access to trail races from the foothills of the Organ Mountains in southern New Mexico to trail races high in the mountains outside of Santa Fe. And as always, race entry comes with access to the amazing people of the southwest running community, the opportunity to overcome physical challenges, and free post-race food.

Few students have the honor of seeing their fellow club members at their lowest, but through the running club members have had the opportunity to meet their friends at rock bottom. It’s a sensational experience club members get to share with one another. After rock bottom, they go out to eat. All in all, running -and especially trail running- is a great way to experience the beauty New Mexico has to offer, and the Running Club is a great way to share that experience.

-Sam Burleigh

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Pollution Continues to Spread from Socorro Superfund Site

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