Letter from the Editor

No generation has been more environmentally conscientious than our own.  Public support for environmental protections is driving local and national market economies toward more sustainable methods of energy production and pollution prevention.  And, regardless of the differentiation of opinion on global warming, there are significant environmental and economic advantages for businesses and individuals to adopt more eco-friendly policies and habits.

For this edition of Paydirt, we have compiled a series of articles about Tech research in environmental sustainability and about how and why individuals should become more environmentally conscientious.   Reducing oneโ€™s use of products and resources will not only save money but will help to keep trash out of the natural environment and protect vegetation and wildlife. We canโ€™t just point to the practices of large corporations and government legislation and blame them for all our environmental problems; we all have a part to play in the protection of the quality of air we breathe, the cleanliness of the water we drink, and the sustainability of our daily lives.  After all, intentional living may have a far greater impact than any government legislation ever will.

At Paydirt Newspaper, we strive to bring out the best in NMT.  From the systematic investigation of emerging issues in cyber security to advancements in cancer research, Paydirt Newspaper is the only place where both student life and research are so closely detailed.  I hope that the following content will help you to develop your own opinion about environmental protections and will inspire others to be thriftier with their resources.

-Joshua Neal

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