Student Hike

Our second student hike of the semester will be an exploration in the Quebradas near the Cerillos del Coyote. There are 3 distinct Cerillos del Coyote peaks. We will hike two of them on Saturday, Feb 16. We will leave the tech swim center parking lot at 9:00 am, and should be back to campus by noon. This hike is approximately 3 miles long. Even though we are hiking two peaks, this hike isn't very hard.

If you want to register or want more information on this hike, email Melissa Begay (melissa.begay@nmt.edu) or stop by the gym to sign up.

Upcoming hikes:

Owl Canyon - Sunday February 23

The 3rd Cerillos del Coyote peak in the Quebradas - Saturday, March 9

Strawberry Peak! - Sat or Sun March 30 or 31

Check out the Tech Calendar for more info!

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A Life in Arizona

A Life in Arizona