SGA President Lobbies for Lottery

After a midterm campaign in which Democrats won back key positions in State government, establishing a Democratic leadership trifecta, lobbyists are campaigning to win over the newly elected officials.  Among them is SGA President, Julian Bojorquez.

President Bojorquez met with Governor Lujan Grisham’s transition team earlier this year to communicate the needs and interests of the university.  The President discussed many issues concerning student life, tuition, and scholarship availability, including the viability of some $4 million of unclaimed funds from the Legislative Lottery scholarship to be used for research at NMT.  President Bojorquez is working with the student association presidents from the University of New Mexico and New Mexico State University to form a united front in the State Legislature on key issues that affect college students in New Mexico.  The President is also seeking to establish a 30% mandate, which would force NMT to use 30% of the student fees it collects every semester to fund activities and resources that would augment the efficiency of student government and the quality of student life on campus.

The Student Government Association encourages student participation in politics at the university, local, and state level.  The politics of today will greatly impact the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics industries of tomorrow. The Bojorquez administration works hard to accurately represent the needs of the student body, but are discouraged at the low voter turnout at SGA elections.  “Get involved; be aware!” urged Bojorquez. “Science will not advocate for itself.”

-Joshua Neal

Finance Committee Initiated

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