The Student Forum

The Student Forum this semester was held on March 8, the Thursday before Spring Break. Held every semester, it is a chance for students to bring concerns, complaints, questions, or  compliments to administration.


This year, the main topic discussed was the increase in tuition. President Wells and SGA President Carlos Talamante presented on the topic, then answered questions from students. Other questions were on laboratory fee changes and the SGA salary adjustments. The event was also broadcasted live.


“The Student Forum is when everyone is the most accessible. If you ever need help on campus, or if you have any questions about services or fees and want to know where your tuition is going, that’s the time to ask,” said Talamante.


The purpose of the Student Forum is to give students a specific time to raise questions or concerns, but that doesn’t mean it’s the only time to do so. The school administration and SGA are always open to comments and discussions.


“Everyone from Dr. Wells to [the SGA] is approachable… I’ve never heard of a student being turned away,” said Talamante. “If anyone has any questions or concerns, just come in. Our office hours are on our doors. We’re always happy to take questions.”


If you have any concerns or complaints, we encourage you to share. Unless, of course, the complaints are about the SGA Executive Cabinet salary adjustments, because that money is already spent. A wonderful post-impressionist piece by Paul Cézanne (Les Grandes Baigneuses, oil-on-canvas, if you’re wondering) now adorns the Paydirt office, and most of the cabinet members now wear gold chains and Gucci sunglasses inside.


As the writing on the whiteboard in the SGA office says, a government cannot run without the help of its people, and the SGA is no different. If you have a complaint, and idea, or a question, please do not hesitate to ask.


-Sam Burleigh

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