Student Spotlight: Kayla Quintero

Student Spotlight: Kayla Quintero

Kayla Quintero spent the first part of her postsecondary education on an associates degree in Outdoor Leadership Education in her hometown, Farmington, before deciding to pursue her passion in biology at New Mexico Tech.


“I’ve wanted [to study biology] since I was very young.” said Quintero.  “It has always been my passion and I heard such good things about Tech, so I figured why not?”


Quintero, who has been at NMT for the past two and a half years, will graduate this May.  


After she graduates, Quintero hopes to continue down the biological path. “Eventually I want to get into marine biology and do research in that field.” Quintero told Paydirt.


Unfortunately, this means she’ll have to leave Socorro, where she’s been heavily involved in the local rock climbing scene and school Climbing Club.


After being the Climbing Club vice president for two semesters, Quintero became the club president at the beginning of this semester and played a large part in organizing this year’s Box Canyon Bouldering Competition.


Any advice for freshman or people thinking about coming to NMT?

“Definitely get into something other than school. Find something you like to do outside of classes, homework, and the tedious schedules that come with them... Climbing is a great way to do that. It gets students outside, and the community involved in the sport is friendly, inviting, and encouraging. They’re great people all around.”


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