Box Canyon Bouldering Competition: Recap and Results

The 5th annual Box Canyon Bouldering Competition went down this past weekend in a bustle of big sponsors, cool prizes, and probably a few bad sunburns and blisters.


Kayla Quintero, the serendipitous Student Spotlight and Climbing Club president, organized the event along with volunteers from around campus and town.  


“We had a ton of volunteers, which is great.” said Quintero. “They helped with the awards ceremony, scoring, helping with parking, and registration. We had a lot of people doing a lot of work.”


The weekend began on Friday, with the event’s first ever sport climbing (think ropes and harnesses) segment of the competition, before the actual bouldering competition (no ropes, shorter climbs) on Saturday.


This year’s event drew in some big name sponsors like Chalk Cartel, Adidas Outdoor, and ABK, a French company that supplied a lot of the top place prizes.


More than 150 competitors tested their climbing skills this past weekend, over 50 of whom were students. This is a big step up from the usual 20 to 30. Not only did the amount of students competing in the competition increase, quite a few students got into the top three positions in their categories.


Take a look at the results below and see if you recognize any names. Well done, everyone!




Beginner Women's Silver

1st Place: Akram M, 375 pts

2nd Place: Stephanie Mma, 315 pts

3rd Place: Nikki Maphis, 290 pts


Beginner Women's Gold

1st Place: Zhidi Wu, 650 pts

2nd Place: Laura Heaton, 525 pts

3rd Place: Laruen Munoz, 420 pts


Beginner Men's

1st Place: Ceidric Platero, 1025 pts

2nd Place: Clark Frauenglass, 1025 pts (tie broken by falls)


Intermediate Women's

1st Place: Rhiannon Vieceli, 1625 pts

2nd Place: Mollie Gillberg, 1625 pts (tie broken by falls)

3rd Place: Jenna Sessions, 1550 pts.


Intermediate Men's

1st Place: Michael Robinson, 2300 pts

2nd Place: Abel Harding, 2300 pts (broken by tries/falls)

3rd Place: Parker Newcomer, 1975 pts


Advanced Women's

1st Place: Jordan Baker, 1850 pts


Advanced Men's

1st Place: Daniel R., 3225 pts

2nd Place: Chris Schmittle, 2850 pts

3rd Place: Issac Overright, 2700 pts


Monster Men's

1st Place: Paul Torres, 5500 pts

2nd Place: Kevin Boyko, 4675 pts

3rd Place: Jamieson Price, 3200 pts


Century Men's

1st Place: Bob Broilo

2nd Place: Philip Chung (Climbing club member volunteer)

3rd Place: Scott Roberts (climbing instructor at NMT)






Beginner Teams

2nd Place: Celeste Herrera and Javier Koerdell


Intermediate Teams

1st Place: Bryce Hart and Geno Palermo


Monster Teams

2nd Place: Issac Overright and Scott Roberts


Century Teams

3rd Place: Luis Contreras and Matt Keeling (only Luis is a student)


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Student Spotlight: Kayla Quintero

Student Spotlight: Kayla Quintero