Student Spotlight: Cora Carman

Cora Carman came to Tech for a very specific reason.


“I want to 3D print organs,” she told Paydirt. “Since I was a junior in high school.” Ms. Carman will graduate this May with a degree in Chemical Engineering with a focus in Biomedical Engineering.


Ms. Carman started doing research in the Biology department her first semester here. Since then, she has worked in the Chemistry and Chemical Engineering departments and has had two summer internships, both of which focused on diffusion.


Ms. Carmen knew she wanted to eventually 3D print organs, so she studied chemical engineering and biomechanics to collect the skills and knowledge she will need in grad school.


“I’ve had the same goal [to 3D print organs] for a very long time, but I did chemical engineering because I wanted to learn about diffusion, heat transfer, and fluid dynamics.”


One of her internships focused on the diffusion of oxygen microbubbles in rats, which is relevant to what she wants to do with 3D printing in the future. “Using oxygen microbubbles might be useful in supplying oxygen to developing tissue.”


After she gets her Ph.D, Ms. Carman hopes to work at Organovo in San Diego, a group trying to print organs.


Advice for freshmen?


“Get involved with extra curriculars. I was really involved with Grace Life/Christian Challenge... Sometimes I think I may have put more effort into it than I should have, but I think having a club you can really call your own is important.”


“Get involved with undergrad research, because that is huge when getting into grad schools.”


“When I was a freshmen, I lived in the OSL. I was there all the time...Try to get peer tutored first. I think that's more efficient.”


“Workout…. it’s important for mental health.”

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