Student Spotlight: Emily Silva

Feel like you’ve got a lot on your plate? You’re not alone. Emily Silva, Paydirt alumnus, never seems to stop moving. She is the student regent, works for Dr. Watkins, has taken enough classes in her three years here to be a senior, is preparing to take the Medical College Admission Test, and is enrolled in a six-credit-hour phlebotomy class with 10 hours of clinicals every week in Alamogordo. I asked what she did in her free time.


“I don’t really get free time at the moment…” she replied. “That’s okay, though.” And yet, in what seems to be a brazen disregard of how other people classify free time, she has two pieces submitted to the mural contest, plays an assortment of musical instruments, and makes a mean piece of pottery.


Her research with Dr. Siobhan Watkins began as a volunteer work, but eventually became a paid position. She started off researching soil bacteria of cannabis plants. They’d swab the leaves of infected cannabis plants in the field, then bring them back to NMT. Then, because you cannot grow cannabis on campus and because all agricultural plants get mildews and infections, they started a spinoff project working with other sick plants. Now they use chile. They infect the plants, then work to cure them.


However, working with plants is a temporary job. Once she graduates next year, she hopes to work toward being an osteopathic surgeon, starting with medical school at Burrell School of Osteopathy in Las Cruces.


Any advice for freshman or people thinking about going to Tech?

“When I was a freshman my first semester, I was bored out of my mind, but I didn't get involved in anything. I think that’s a lot of the reason why we have such a high drop off rate. So my advice is always ‘There’s over 70 clubs active every semester, get involved with something. [In addition to clubs], there’s so many on-campus jobs.’”  





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