Today at Tech this ancient practice is carried on by the members of the Bladesmithing Club. Art, history, and science intersect at this student organization, where Tech students make blades, do academic research, and present at conferences.

Puerto Seguro Safe Harbor

This week I sat down with Hope Faulkner, the director of Puerto Seguro, and Shay Kelley, the chairman of the board, to talk about the mission of Puerto Seguro and their experience working there.

The Soapbox Derby

“3, 2, 1, GO!” sounds out of a megaphone. The NMT student behind the car takes one big step and shoves the cart over the lip of the hill, sending the cart with its passenger careening down the grassy slope.

Stepping Up Your Rice Game

Rice is an excellent staple food for college students, and indeed for more than half of the world’s population. With a few additions, it can also become a mouthwatering masterpiece and one of my favorite recipes, as explained below.

As far as exercise goes, there’s probably nothing less sexy than running. But to some, like the NMT Running Club, running is more than just a way to burn some calories and raise the heart rate. It’s a way to share difficult experiences, spend time with friends, and experience the beauty of New Mexico.

Besides the inherent complexities of an individual’s biology, the confusion around what is healthy and what isn’t is only magnified in online conversations, all supposedly backed by research.

Living and Working in Antarctica

Antarctica is an exciting place for research, and it has attracted thousands of scientists as well as those who work behind the scenes to support the science. Biology, glaciology, astronomy, and oceanography are only a few of the many things being studied there.

Engineers Without Borders

Six months ago, a team of NMT Engineers Without Borders members assembled and flew south. We crossed the Gulf of Mexico, landed in Guatemala City, and took a van northwest along narrow winding roads into the mountain highlands. There, we were welcomed into Xolá, a community without an adequate supply of clean water but with the biggest hearts you can imagine

It’s common for universities to work on improving retention rates. This makes sense, because state funding can rely on good retention, and as a business it’s important to keep customers. Combined with a culture that frowns on “quitting”, this makes dropping out of school a morally difficult move. Unfortunately, this doesn’t benefit everyone.