Paydirt is made possible by support from the NMTSGA and our wonderful contributors and sponsors. 


Our staff

Editor-in-Chief: Alan Gross

Layout Editor: Allie Arning

Journalists: Melba Aguilar, Angelina Virgo, and Dennis Trujillo

Photographer: Joeseph Apodaca


Mission Statement

Paydirt will strive to be the voice of the student body of New Mexico Tech; to inform and educate them; and to spread information pertaining to student life and the surrounding community. The publications will be honest, fair and balanced, and will use journalistic integrity for the aforementioned aspects as well as others.

Vision Statement

Paydirt will be fair and balanced. It will be organized in a manner that is both creative and appropriate for the content. The publication’s staff will become a cohesive group of individuals that work together towards makingPaydirt the best student news resource available to the student body.

About Paydirt

It is Paydirt’s goal to provide the New Mexico Tech campus with quality information regarding local and global issues, particularly those that affect Tech’s student body. It is also the desire of Paydirt to give students an opportunity to participate in publication. There are currently positions open in Paydirt under the usual Student Government Association (SGA) employment conditions. However, Paydirt also accepts freelance work in the form of articles, photos, puzzles, cartoons, and other creative media. We hope we can be an outlet and asset for your creative passions. Paydirt is funded and managed by the SGA, and as such is a for student, by student publication.